Thursday, October 1, 2009

Poem by Kevin M. Reeves "Waltz"

From the bedroom window,
I watched you with the children,
Who, in our backyard playground
Whirled about you
Like eddies in a river;
Ceaseless chatter of nonsense things
Peppered the sunlit day
And spilled
Unbidden but not unwelcome
Into your gardening.
From above,
I gazed into your mother’s world
And loved you.
Soiled at the knees,
Lemon-yellow gloves dyed
With earth encounters,
You bent over your florist’s work
To coax and trim and laugh.
Hair like April mornings
Strayed across your face
In lovely disarray;
While your voice of gentle banter
Reached out
To draw to yourself
The children of our love.
So often
Have those same lips
Caressed my heart,
With those whispered “I love you’s,”
Like a nighttime breath
Of wind,
Warm and sweet
Among the trees of summer.
Children’s giggles
Touted “Victory!”
As at last they urged you
From earth that knew your touch.
And as you succumbed to childlike play
I watched with a passion’s smile,
And though you did not know it,
We danced,
You and I.
Copyright Kevin M. Reeves
Issue by His Wife Kris Reeves

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  1. I hope that Kevin can get this message. I wanted you to know what a beautiful poem I thought this was. Somehow it always surprizes me that men can be so full of tenderness and love. I could see her in the garden with the breeze in her hair and hear the children playing with you at the window watching. It brought a whole scene to mind like a short piece of film. Beautiful!