Thursday, October 1, 2009

Poem by Kathleen Durbin "Creativity"


Sometimes, I think my creative juices simply ebb and flow with no discernible pattern at all. There are times I feel inventive and I am so creative and I produce (to me) great works of art. At least I’m personally satisfied with what I do. I have no time for housework or the mundane things of life.

I create and create with seemingly no end in sight, but one day this energetic flow dwindles and I have to start pushing myself to create. Then, at some point, I absolutely stop creating with no intense interest as before. It feels like my creativity has dried up and is in danger of blowing away on the least little breeze.

I then live in a way that only responds to outside stimulus, only reacting to events, and simply go through the daily grind of living with no interest in what tomorrow may bring. I continue to fix meals, wash the dishes and empty the litter box for the cat. I make myself find things to do, things that will make my abode look better. Argh! I’ve turned into my version of Hazel Housekeeper; a role I abhor!

But soon this facet of creativity ends and my real creative nature takes hold once again. I again find myself thinking of paintings I must paint, of works I must create, and not of organization and housework. I am jubilant once again!

I must utilize this rapturous phase to it’s utmost and try to extend it as long as possible before that creative block enters my life once again and dulls my senses. Onward! Onward!

© Kathleen Durbin 2009-09-07

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